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Ashley Shares Amazon Links

Posted by Ashley Knight on

Hey girl! 

I am creating this space as a place to share my everyday favorites from Amazon! I’m always on the go- and I enjoy having the one click convenience on Amazon to buy whatever I need for my business, our house, gifts and more! I’ll only ever share the things I use myself! It’s my way to help you out! 

🐱 I’m not a regular cat mom, I’m a cool cat mom.

Enter, stylish cat backpack/ car carrier! Honestly we are always on the go and in between houses, so this is the perfect solution for car travel and way more practical for our lifestyle / style than a traditional cat carrier!

Better yet, it’s under $40 and our kitten loves it 🙌🏻

See the colors here:

* be sure to check the 5% off coupon for additional savings 🧾

Today, I’m sharing gifts for the coffee lover from amazon!

Big sale on my favorite Keurig Mini! Normally $90 it’s on sale for under $50! So tiny- perfect for an office, small counter space or dorm room!

I’m also linking a coffee syrup I love (lavender) that I make with vanilla k-cups and oat milk for a sweet treat and pumps for the syrup that are so cute on a countertop and make dispensing the syrups easy! They for on any of the syrups brands that I’ve tried! I use these items daily!

I also linked this wooden caddy, which comes in three colors and is on prime for under $30!

Keurig Mini:

Lavender syrup:

Syrup pumps:

Coffee Bar Caddy:

Pup-present idea!!

Maybe the only collar I’ve ever consistently used on lefty- he’s had 3 in 6 years! These things last- they never stink!! (Praise) and they don’t pull on their fur or tarnish!

🍻 And some of them have a bottle opener (if you care about that 💕🤪😂)

Around $20 for medium and large breeds.

Check them out here-

Gift idea for couples! 

Couples journal! PS my favorite number is three!

✍️ This is a three year journal- mine is a purple version but the latest is red and only $13 paperback with one day shipping! We really enjoy looking back at last years answers to see where we’ve changed or maybe it’s still the same!

Some questions are light-hearted and some allow you to dig deeper together! There’s a fun Bible verse or quote at the bottom of each prompt!

Perfect gift for any couple- young or old to spark conversation and allow for intentional time together 💕 daily.

You can check it out here:

The second holiday must have is this cordless portable charger! I’ve been using these for nearly 3 years and gifted my entire family with them last year for Christmas! It’s on sale for $33 right now and will charge your phone up to three charges. It has the USB-C or the lightning charger for Apple. You can come to me (AMK Design Co.) for a custom vinyl decal if you want to customize one with your friend or family member’s name or monogram! The perfect gift, IMO!

Check it out here:


This year, I’ve teamed up with Amazon to show you products I use on a daily basis! First up, my favorite rechargeable stick lighter! This guy is under $15 and eliminates the need for matches or buying typical butane lighters! It recharges with just a micro usb charger (same as the Amazon Alexa)! It has over 20,000 reviews and mine has lasted nearly
Two years and counting!

Perfect gift idea or compliment gift with a candle 🕯 for your candle lovers 🙌🏻🙌🏻

You can check it out here:

In-Ear, Noise canceling Headphones for people who sweat 😅😅 honestly the Jabra Elite - despite less playback hours would be my
Choice! They come with a 2 year warranty and have over 20k reviews 👏🏼👏🏼

$90 off making them under $150 The classic: AirPod pros: seamlessly connects with Apple products- very good for every day use and decent noise canceling capabilities.

On sale for $100 off making them under $100-
32 hours of playback (better suited for female ears, IMO) JBL (awesome waterproof speaker brand, we have a few of them)

Under $80 and Amazon’s choice based on over 20,000 nearly 5 star reviews- with 24 hours of playback and suitable for both male and females Jabra Elite noise canceling ear buds and there’s an app to customize the sound!

What your 20-something needs but won’t buy for themselves - cordless vacuum. I’ve had a few!

I’ve been cheap and bought some that just don’t work and researched for days before opting not to buy the $300-$600 big brand models. 🤔🤔

Insert this Tineco PWRHERO11 is my everyday go to for our 4-pack’s dog hairs, my weeded vinyl for AMK Design Co.- vacuuming jute and low pile rugs, bathroom throw rugs, hardwoods and laminate. It’s under $200 today too! I love the colors and it’s easy to install the wall mount with a drywall anchor and screwdriver.

Check it out:


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